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Fusilier is a moderate framed thick shapey bull.

His dam isnt the biggest of cows, but does a job of her calf every year (the calf usually looks about the same size as her by weaning - what we like to see!!).

As a Yearling

Due to his style, shape and good calving figures we shoved Fusilier out with the hiefers to sweep up after AI'ing. Due to Prometheus developing a limp one day, Fusilier took over full duties and ran with the herd for the last 3 weeks of service - we think his calves will make a great addition to the Inkstack herd next year and look forward to seeing them (pictured at 15month).

Pictured below at 12 months of age

As a Calf

Pictured here at 6 months, Fusilier was a solid, thick meaty calf.

His Pedigree

Another Prometheus son, Fusiliers's breeding has quality bulls such as Elixir and Transformer on the maternal side.

Click for more info from the Database (EBV's correct as of May 2017)

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