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Frontier was another of the picks of the 2016 bull calves. He is a long, bigger framed bull with plenty of size and shape (similar to Prometheus).

His Dam is another of the Flhame 033 x Elixir flush daughters who seem to have clicked well with Prometheus.

As a Yearling

Pictured here at 16 months of age, frontier is one of the longest bulls this year. He has a cracking frame, with a good back end to match.

Pictured at 12 months of age below

As a Calf

Pictured here at 6 months, Frontier was another pick of the calves - long and plenty of shape.

His Pedigree

Another Prometheus son, Frontiers's breeding has quality bulls such as Elixir and Royal Added Value on the maternal side.

Click for more info from the Database (EBV's correct as of May 2017)

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