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Fortress was our pick of the bull calves last year. A classic Angus bull, with plenty of length and good locomotion. He scanned well with an EMA of 110.

His dam was one of the very successful Flhame 033 x Elixir flush daughters, who seem to have clicked very well with Prometheus.

As a Yearling

Fortress is growing into a long, shapey lad. We hope this lad will make it for Stirling in Feb 2018.

Picutred above and left at 16 months, and below at 12 months.

As a Calf

Unfortunately the cameraman didn't do this lad justice when this photo was taken! Fortress was the pick of the bulls as a calf - long, wide and a good shape.

His Pedigree

Another early Prometheus son, Fortress has quality bulls such as Exilir and Royal Added Value on the maternal side.

Click for more info from the Database (EBV's correct as of May 2017)

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