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The Inkstack "Flhame's

Foundation Cow - Mushroom Florence

Flhame's are named after our late father, grand father and great grandfather Hamish, who funded her purchase all those years ago.

Mushroom Florence, aka "Flo", (seen below with her calf on a winters day) was a deep bodied, classic angus.

Flo's first calf, Inkstack Fhlame Z168, a Royal Added Value daughter, turned out to be one of the most profitable cows of the entire herd. She left the farm at 17 years old, with 13 calves registered after her. She produced consistent calves, and left a real stamp on how they turned out - medium framed, thick-set shapey animals. Her bulls always sold well with the commercial buyers, and her females (she only had 3!) have slotted into the herd well - 2 of which are top cows now. 168 was a very classic Angus cow, deep bodied, milked well and always by herself calved with no nonsense. She is pictured below, left with her bull calf 278 and right with her heifer calf J347. She was a cracking milker, and her calves always weaned with some of the highest weaning weight ratios of the year.

Flo's second heifer calf, Inkstack Flhame A033, was another cracking Added Value daughter. 033 was a long, shapey cow and produced some of the best calves we have had at Inkstack. Because of this, and her cracking calf K394, we decided to flush her to Elixir 100. The flush was exactly what we were after, producing 6 females and 3 males. Every calf that came out the flush were like peas in a pod - and many have gone on to be top cows in the herd or sell well at sales.

033's first calf turned out to be one of the biggest cows produced here at Inkstack, Inkstack Flhame C124. She was long, strong framed Transformer daughter. We knew she had a real chance at producing a star for the herd, so flushed her to Rawburn Lord Ross, to try and combine her length and his shape. The flush only resulted in 3 embryos, however all 3 held. One of the son's from the flush, Inkstack Fortress M526 went on to sell for the highest on-farm price we have had, to Matthew Stoker at Easton Grey Angus. One of her bulls, Inkstack Fusilier F241, was our senior Herdsire for 3 years running, who added a real length to our cattle.

Next up in the Flhame line is another no-nonsense cow who, very like her mother, produces a calf every year that gets up and is sooking before we even know she has calved - one of the main qualities we look for in our Angus. Inkstack Flhame E203 is now the oldest cow in the herd (but doesn't look or act it!!). She is 12 years old with 11 calves registered to her, her first of which was a Ranui Impact son who went on to sell to the Isauld herd, and is the first ever Inkstack bull to have semen available to buy. She produces thick, deep bodied and easy-doing cattle.

Inkstack Flhame J347 is maybe the best of 168's offspring. She is thick, strong, has great width and a good top. She is a real show cow!

Inkstack Flame K394 was much the reason we decide to flush her dam to her sire. She was the top female calf of her year, went on to be one of the strongest heifers we have had and has turned into a great cow. She milks well with a tight, correct udder, and always put a real shine and style on her calves. Pictured below left as a calf at 7 months, and right at 7 years old with her cracking bull calf T786.

Next up in the Flhame line is a herd favourite, Inkstack Flhame K408. She is a moderate framed cow, but produces one of the top calves year in year out. She is the type of cow we like here at Inkstack. Her sons have sold well, with Fabio being used as our junior Herdsire for 2 years, Fusilier being used as the junior Herdsire this year, and her daughter (only had 1 so far unfortunately!!) is looking to be a star in the herd. She is a very photogenic cow, and so often features on our Facebook page! She is

Another fast-becoming herd favourite is Inkstack Flhame R627, 408's only daughter. She was a very stylish calf, and turned into a real thick, correct cow. She is pictured below left, as a calf wither mother (408), and right with her bull calf this year as a 2y/o hiefer.

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