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Ernie is another classic bull from Red Erin. Red Erin H304, is a lovely cow and always does a job of her calf. She is a moderate sized cow, calves well and has a good udder, and this lad should breed those maternal traits.

Ernie is a thick, framey bull with lots of potential.

Him as a Calf

Pictured above at 6 months old, and left (bleow) at 2 months old, and right (below at 5 months, Ernie is developing into a real thick, meaty lad, with plenty of depth.

His Pedigree

Ernie is another Prometheus son, with some exceptional bulls on his maternal side such as Transformer and Elixir 100. He is in the top 5% of the breed for Calving Ease Daughters figures, which we think reflects well the strengths from his maternal side.

Click here for more info on him from the database.

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