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Inkstack Earlson L470

Click here for Breed Plan info: INKSTACK EARLSON L470

Pictured here at 15 month. Earlson is as thick and deep bodied as they come, with a real "New-Zealand" look about him. His mother, an Impact daughter, is the deepest body cow in the herd (pictured below with his as a calf).

He has an SRI of +60, and a TSI of +43%, both of which are in the top 1% of the breed. His calving Ease is in the top 5%, as is his muscle score, and his milk and growth rates are also consistantly in the top 5%.

2011 - Him as a Calf

A visitor had suggested we had to get photos of this lad on the website. Out of a top Ranui Impact daughter, by Peter Pershore, he is undoubtedly one of this years stars. Pictured at 5 months (took your advice Sandy!) 

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