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The Inkstack "PETURA"s

Foundation Cow - Petura 12th of Windsole

"Petura" must have been a camera shy girl (or maybe our organisation skills of old photos not quite up to scratch!!) as she has appears to have dodged any previous photos.

Due to Petura's stylish calves and her great milking, we decided to flush her to Rawburn Transformer. Below, Inkstack Petura B091, probably the best flush daughter of Petura 12th (though all four are good) who has bred consistently well. She is very similar to her mother, both in looks and character. Petura 091 is the mother of Inkstack Premier, one of our best homebred herdsires to date, and beacuse of him, tried flushing her to his sire. The flush only gave 2 embryo's, however both embryo's produced very nice heifers who will go on to continue the 091 line.

Below, 091s full sister, Inkstack Petura C119, was the second female from the original flush. She has produced some of the best calves every year, both male and female, with her 2008 calf sold for 6,500 guineas in Perth, Feb 2010 (our best price to date in 2010).

Petura's only natural daughter, Inkstack Petura E208 (below), was a classic Angus cow who bred exceptionally well. We successfully flushed 208 to Elixir 100, and got a number of cracking calves from the flush.

Unfortunately, Petura 208, the last of "Petura"'s direct calves, time in the herd came to an end in 2017 after 12 very successful years at Inkstack. The Petura line is carried on by a number of cracking Peturas, especially Inkstack Petura G286, 208's first calf (pictured below). 286's has had some of the best calves produced at Inkstack. Her first son, Inkstack Pzazz J370, has gone on to have over 100 pedigree Angus registered by him.

Another of the herd's top females, and another of 208's daughters, is Inkstack Petura L440 (seen below, left as a heifer and right as a 3 y/o cow with her heifer calf). Her first calving (as a 2 y/o heifer!!) was a pair of twin daughters, which she did a cracking job of. Her second calf, Inkstack Picasso N574, went on to be our Junior Herdsire in 2014, before selling locally to a return customer for a good price - at 3 years old and already 3 cracking calves. She has had another strong bull calf this year.

Our only venture to the Black Beauty Bonanza with a female was with Inkstack Petura N555 (seen below left as a calf). She got 3rd in her class on the day, but was looking exceptionally well and did the Inkstack name proud.

The next potential star of the herd is Inkstack Petura P599, an Elixir daughter out or 286. She is seen below (left as a heifer, and right with her first calf). She was the best heifer in her year, and her first calf, Inkstack Panther T735 is looking like the top calf of the year.

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