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One of the most stylish of the Prometheus lads, Eros is a real meat machine. A thick, shapey bull with plenty of size. He had a daily weight gain of 1.7kg/day for the first 12 months, and scanned well with an EMA of 123.

His dam is a lovely traditional Angus cow, who milks well every year and has produced some solid calves. We used her last son as a sweeper bull for the AI'ers before selling him on to the borders.

As a Yearling

Eros is fast turning into one of the most stylish bulls we have produced here a Inkstack.

Picutred here at the 2017 Caithness County Show, Eros took the Angus Championship on what was a very dreich day out (aged 16 months).

Pictured below at 12 months

As a Calf

Eros, pictured here at 7 months old, was a solid lad as a calf. This photo was taken just before he was spent, with an actual weaning weight of 430kgs.

A very stylish lad, who enjoyed posing even as a calf!! (Picture at 6 months old).

His Pedigree

Another early Prometheus son, Fortress has quality bulls such as Exilir and Royal Added Value on the maternal side.

Click for more info from the Database (EBV's correct as of May 2017)

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