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Fantom is one of the younger bulls, but the fasted growth rates of them all (1.86 kg/day at weigh time in Decemeber). He is a long bull with plenty of shape from his Lord Ross dam. He had an eye muscle area of 114 at only 12 months old. We think this lad could have some real potential.

As a Yearling

Fantom also made his showing debut at this years County show, narrowly losing out the Eros in the yearling bull class. At over 2 months younger, Fantom is fast catching Eros, and we have good hopes for his future. Pictured below is Fantom on the left and Eros on the right.

Pictured below at 10 months old, he is already one of the longest, biggest bulls of the group.

His Pedigree

One of the younger Prometheus son, Fantom has quality bulls such as Lord Ross and Transformer on the maternal side.

Click for more info from the Database (EBV's correct as of May 2017)

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