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2013 Calves

July 13 - a selection of this this year's calves, out of what is an outstanding crop of calves for us.

Premier's Calves

Excalibar's calves

Elixir 100 calf

April 2013

With only 4 animals to AI this year, the 2013 crop are all mainy by homebred bulls.

Pictured above is Flhame Z168 with her Premier son. Even at 13 years of age, she is still doing a great job of her calves. N532 is a very thick meaty calf.

Pictured below is one of the most solid heifer calves we have had - maybe even the star of 2013 - a Premier daughter out of a top Elixir 100 daughter. Pictured here at only 4 weeks only, she has real potential.

Another cracking Premier daughter is Flhame N572, at a couple of days old, she has some tremendous style about her. Fhlame N572 is out of a great Elixir 100 daughter Flhame K394.

Before being sold to the Logie herd, INKSTACK EXCALIBUR K417 was used to sweep up after the AI'ers. We have some fantastic calves after him, and he seems to have clicked very well with our Tranformer Peturas. Below are his calfs to Petura B091 (bull caf N564) and Petura D156 (heifer calf N567 - a real star).

Another cracking Excalibar son is out one of our top heifers Petura L440. As we expect, she calved herself no problem, with the calf up and sooking straight away - exactly what we are aiming to breed! Pictures taken only hours after she gave birth!

We decided due to his outstanding pedigree, depth of body and lovely shape, that we would run INKSTACK EARLSON with the hiefers we retained. Below are some pictures of his calves.

 Pictured all between 0-5 days old, these calves are just oozing with style!

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